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Cast Off the Crutches Presentation: Part 1

Instructor(s): Jon Kowanetz from Pathways Coaching & Consulting

Track: Owner - Manager
Location: Avalon 10
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Description: This presentation focuses on the many, all too common and socially acceptable habits and behaviors that we as human beings develop, which can be destructive to our personal and our professional lives. As the presenter shares his own experiences of overcoming these challenges and how doing so improved both aspects of his life, attendees recognize that they are not alone in their own challenges, that no challenge is too small and that they can change any chosen part of their life, in every new moment.


Top Take-aways: Learn the psychology behind destructive habits and behaviors. Understand how these habits and behaviors can be destructive to both your personal and professional life. Learn about the many ways that overcoming them can improve both areas of your life.


Who should attend: Anyone that wants to overcome challenges and improve all aspects of their life.

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