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Making Awesome and Impactful Midbass in Car Audio Systems

Instructor(s): Kris Bulla from SONY

Track: Technician - Fabricator
Location: Avalon 12
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Description: Lots of myths surround the creation and optimization of midbass performance in cars. These myths often waste time and your customers’ money and create insurmountable installation hurdles. We’ll bust those myths and set you on a better path. Learn where midbass comes from, what it is, what creates impact and how to do it. We will explain what part of the frequency response is actual midbass and provide two methods for optimizing midbass output in high performance car audio systems.


Top Take-aways: How to create car audio systems with impactful midbass without hassles or confusion.


Who should attend: Car audio technicians, salespeople and store owners—but it’s especially useful for techs who can influence the sales process.

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