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Using Fusion 360 to Create 3D Printed Speaker Mounting Solutions - Live Workshop

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Instructor(s): German Schulmeister - Orca Design

Track: Technician - Fabricator
Location: Avalon 12
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Description: In this Live workshop you will learn how to design speaker adapters using Fusion 360 in a fast and very efficient manner. Understand how to transition from the 2D to the 3D world and use a single software for all your CAD Designs, whether it’s laser, CNC or 3D print. You will also learn about the different printing technologies, materials and when and where it’s best to use them. Understand Filament versus Resin and which is the right one for your project. This comprehensive class will be led by industry expert German Schulmeister, Director of Product Development at Orcas Design.


Top Take-aways: A great understanding of how to Increase your revenue, manufacture parts to OE standards, and attract better clientele by using automation.
Who should attend: This class is designed for not only the newest of fabricators but also for the seasoned veteran who wants to take their skills to their next level, or wants to separate from their competition.

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