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Instructors: Bryan Schmitt - Mobile Solutions, Tom Miller – Musicar Northwest, JT Torres - Automotive Entertainment

Track: Technician - Fabricator

Session ID: TF005

Location: 128

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Description: Custom installation is the cornerstone of being a specialist retailer and the ability to execute profitably and maintain high standards separates the professionals from amateurs. This informative session focuses on elements that influence the final cosmetic integration of custom automotive interiors and audio system fabrication-related projects. Plastic and aluminum fabrication, adhesion/bonding techniques, machining dash panels or trim with a router, surface finishes and serviceable mounting strategies are all covered. Join Instructors Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions, Tom Miller of Musicar Northwest and JT Torres of Automotive Entertainment for this can’t miss training class.


Highlight training topics include:


Plastic and Aluminum Fabrication

Many real-world examples of how to use different plastics and aluminum parts on a daily basis are covered in detail. Increase your acumen dash integration by using similar materials that the automotive manufacturers utilize. Learn how to machine automotive-grade plastics and non-ferrous metals with remarkable precision. Discover effective techniques for cutting, sanding, and polishing acrylic and aluminum. This training also demonstrates excellent examples of using LED lighting applications for acrylic and polycarbonate.


Cosmetic and Structural Integration

Learn the entire process of creating 3-dimensional dash and trim panels that look unbelievable. This training seminar also explores an in-depth look at creating ABS and metal pressed speaker grilles that snap into the factory plastic panels with very little effort. Finally learn the tools and techniques of robust and serviceable mounting techniques that include metal and plastic bracketry, premium hardware and rare-earth magnets. These techniques can be applied to everything from radar/laser sensors, dash and trim panels or electronic component mounting.


Upholstery and Surface Finishes

Upholstery and texturing techniques that take your work to the next level are part of the path to exceptional finishes. After all, it’s what the client sees on a regular basis. In the training session, several different types of trim panels are built start-to finish so attendees see the entire process. Learn how to create different vinyl inlays with multiple, OEM-like materials. Learn hot and cold vinyl wrapping techniques to ensure a great outcome every time. This segment of the course will capture the interest of even the most seasoned technicians. Many tricks and pro tips are presented.


Who Should Attend?

● 12 Volt Technicians Seeking New Skills

● Fabricators in a 12 Volt Shop Environment

● Automotive Upholstery Professionals

● Active Owners/Managers/Sales Personnel who bid Custom Labor



*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before start time.

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