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Title: Illusion & Raven Audio Training


Description: This session will be focused upon the newer products from Illusion Audio with a sneak peek at the new Raven Audio Subwoofers!  the primary focus will be talking about the newer Carbon series speakers that have already been introduced along with the new series of speakers due out later this year.  The discussion will go over the new designs and technologies that have been used in the newer designs and the benefits that the new designs will have over the older speakers. We will also be showing pictures of the new Raven Audio Subwoofers!   As many of you know, the Raven Subwoofers have been recognized by many in the Car Audio and Home Audio world as some of the best designs in the world!  The new designs that will be shown will be lower in distortion and work in smaller enclosures than previous models.  In addition to the 10" and 12" subwoofers in the line and all new 8" subwoofer will b e available as well! Everyone is invited to this presentation as we at Orca Design are extremely proud to present to the car audio public these new speaker designs!


Saturday, June 11

Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Meeting Room: W102-B

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