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Title: The Comback - Re-Discover Surround Audio Using Mosconi DSP


Description: While most car audio systems seek to replicate the sound stage of a concert, the art of recreating the presence and ambiance of surround audio has become de-emphasized. Yet, the carmakers continue to maintain center-channel and rear-fill speakers in high-end OEM systems because drivers still appreciate and want that enveloping sound experience.

Join Nick Wingate this Saturday to learn how to maximize Mosconi's DSP capabilities to bring back true surround audio in your system designs. Discover the unique up-mixing features of Cross Mix, which redefines two-channel audio to take maximum advantage of a surround system with a wider and deeper sound stage, and better bass response.

Saturday, June 11

Time: 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

Meeting Room: W102-B

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