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Visionary vs Integrator

Instructor(s): Tomas Keenan – Breakfree Academy
Track: Owner - Manager
Session ID: OM-005
Location: W101-A
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Description: A Visionary has the original idea for a company and continues to have ideas about how to expand the business and make it all they ever imagined it would be. Visionaries often focus on big-picture concepts, culture, and client relationships. An Integrator is a person who thrives on creating order out of chaos. This person is the perfect fit for the company, as they know how to set priorities, solve conflicts, and remove obstacles. The Integrator is not the Visionary's competitor; instead, he is the Visionary's complementary function. The Integrator does things that the Visionary does not enjoy. Visionaries should hire strong Integrators.
Top Take-aways: you will learn to define and refine your vision and know the difference between key personality types and how to best utilize them for your business.
Who should attend: Anyone looking to step up their leadership abilities.
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