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System Design for Sales Professionals

Instructor(s): Ken Ward - Educar Training
Track: Sales - Marketing
Session ID: SM-004
Location: W102-A
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Description: Over the past thirty years, selling aftermarket sound systems became much simpler for a while --when cars began to come with some basic gear - but lately, it’s gotten more complicated! A successful system sale is one that delivers on the promise we make to our customer and one that can be installed on time and on budget. These days, upscale systems  aren’t always commercially successful - they take longer than expected, they often have compromised performance, and they don’t fulfill the customer’s desires. The “go-to” systems from a few years ago don’t always work out in the era of OEM Integration.
With a better understanding of the principles of sound - and how OEMs now work with those principles - we can once again design systems that are commercial successes and also deliver the performance your customer is looking for! Most importantly, you can sell higher end systems and avoid the money pit that diminishes store profitability. Better systems  = happier customers = more money in the bank.


Top Take-aways: Learning to sell better systems that can be easily integrated into modern cars without risk to store profitability.  Learn how to identify what the OEM system is doing and which products to sell and install to take the OE system from good to great!

Who should attend: Anyone responsible for sales in your store.
Brought to you by the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association