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Audio Tips and Techniques

Instructors: Brian Mitchell - Liquid Trends
Track: Technician - Fabricator
Session ID: TF001
Location: W202
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Description: Learn how crossover slopes work and why certain ones are recommended. How to set time delay properly and efficiently. Learn 6 key frequencies to pay attention to while tuning. What to look for in your tune when customers give you certain feedback key words. We will talk about what ported enclosures do and don’t do well. The myths and truths about mid-bass locations the door and how to achieve better mid-bass. What tech support can and can’t help with over the phone involving the tuning process. Lastly, we will look at the tools to help in the bay “audio specific.”
Top Take-aways: A full understanding of in vehicle audio including crossover slopes, time delay, key frequencies, and the best locations for mid-bass drivers.
Who should attend: Technicians and fabricators desiring a greater understanding on the audio environment in the vehicle.
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