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Hiring Bootcamp for Real Results

Instructor(s): Tomas Keenan – Break Free Academy
Track: Owner - Manager
Session ID: OM-003
Location: W101-A
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Description: Hiring is hard. It’s always been hard. But it’s gotten harder, and the stakes are higher than ever before. Why? The economy, for starters. But it’s also the fact that you’re competing with all these other companies trying to find the same qualified person. It’s a hiring war out there. You must implement a hiring process to get the best candidates and NOT spend every waking hour sifting through useless resumes. This is where this hiring Bootcamp can help.
Top Take-aways: Leave with a blueprint for how to find and attract the best team members. “We’re hiring” doesn’t cut it anymore!  You will learn how to implement a real-world hiring process. You will learn how to onboard that new “ideal candidate” you hire to ensure their success.
Who should attend: Owners and managers looking for the best way to find new associates and to hire the best candidates.


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