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Snap Shots to Great Shots

Instructor(s): Dean Beyett & Fernando Lopez – Five Star Car Stereo
Track: Sales - Marketing
Session ID: SM001
Location: W102-A
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Description: In this class we will show you how to use the Camera you have to create great content to get you more business. The secret of getting more views on what you do posts. What to say in your post and what a keyword does for your business. Plus, our process for making quick compelling videos and how to use photos to tell a visual story. Don't go out and spend a bunch of money on equipment, we will help you with what you really need. We will also cover software to help finish it all up. This is a fun and informative class made for you to ask questions.
Top Take-aways: How to stop making excuses and get out there and make content. What equipment do you really need and how to use it. That it doesn't have to be hard.
Who should attend: Anyone with a desire to make a more compelling footprint for their business.
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